Six Easy Ways to Save Money This Summer

Save a little green (in your wallet) while the grass is green. With summer just around the corner vacations and activities can get expensive!  Here are a few ideas to save some money that won’t cost you any fun.

1.     Purchase sugar, flour, rice and beans in bulk from a large wholesale store.  Store them in new five gallon plastic paint buckets from a hardware store.  Five gallon buckets are typically from $3 to $5 at a hardware store and will keep your dry goods fresh and pest free for long periods of time. 

2.     When cooking prepare double or triple the quantity you need.  Then immediately place the extra food in storage containers and freeze them.  I like to use the aluminum pans from the dollar store.  They come with a lid for easy storage and can be placed directly from the freezer to the oven.  I rewash and reuse the pans to stretch the money I spend as far as possible.

3.     Take kids to local vacation Bible schools.  They are a free alternative to more costly day camps that kids attend.

4.     Instead of renting movies trade videos you already have with a friend.  (Just be prepared to replace any videos that get lost or scratched.)  Most libraries also have a good selection of DVDs to check out for free.  But beware, unlike your friends, they charge late fees.

5.     Instead of paying for babysitting, partner up with a friend and trade off.  Schedule this several times a month so that you have a day of rest.

6.     Shop garage sales.  I have saved a small fortune from shopping garage sales.  Church sales and school sales often have a huge selection and you get the added bonus of helping someone out.

Comment with your ideas.  I can always stand to save a little green myself!

Posted on April 8, 2017 .