My 12 Minute Mile


Yes that's right I really am that out of shape! I've now started jogging prompted mainly out of my own vanity. After delivering the twins I had a lovely mommy tummy and looked about six months pregnant. So, one of the things that my physical therapist suggested was jogging. Now, I've never been much of a runner anyway so the fact that I can run any distance without someone chasing me I find quite impressive (sad I know). And the fact that I can run a whole stinking mile in 12 minutes at almost 40 impresses me more (even sadder). That said, this post isn't about jogging or about my lack of athletic ability. It's about one of the biggest secrets that I found to having a productive, happy, fulfilled life. I think the easiest thing to do and the greatest tool of the enemy is procrastination. We don't tell God "no" we tell Him tomorrow or later or as soon as I finish this.

When I was a kid I would labor over my homework for hours and hours. My mother, an educator, would tell me, "Jill, just put something on the paper and turn it in." She would say, "The teachers probably not even going to grade it anyway so just write something down."

I think that's one of the greatest secrets to life - sometimes we have to just put something on the paper. So whatever it is that the Lord's laid on your heart, whether to start a ministry or climb a mountain or anything else in between, I want to encourage you do a terrible job of it. Fail miserably to start with. Fall on your face 20 times. Run a mile in 12 minutes. But get started. Do something. Just put something on the paper. Because sometimes the greatest victory that we have is simply to start running.