3 Steps to Organized

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After having the twins, there was a time when I was frustrated and seeking the Lord to help me prioritize and "get my ducks in a row." This is what He showed me and instantly it made a big difference in my day. Give it a try. You'll be amazed!

Step 1:  Ask yourself the question, “What’s next?” Seems simple enough but I can’t tell you how important this one is.   It is so easy to float through your day letting one task run right up into the next without ever taking the time to plan. Don’t fall into this trap. Considering what you have to do in 10 minutes, 30 minutes, that afternoon, the next day and so forth. It makes ALL the difference in the world! If you ask the question, you will automatically plan ahead. Before I go to sleep at night if I get the bottles ready for the next day, lay out my clothes, my Bible, and my computer it makes the next morning so much easier. I’m far more likely to get up early, do Bible study, and get the day off to a good start. Just try it. Intentionally ask yourself this question. You will constantly be on your toes, prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Step 2:  Do just a little bit more. A few years ago I was listening to a presentation on leadership by a corporate executive. She said one of the things that helped her succeed was to always try to exceed expectations. She pointed out that there is very little difference between meeting expectations and exceeding them. So, why not make a habit of always doing just a little more than is required? What does this look like in practice? If you are cooking dinner, double the recipe and freeze half of it. If it takes 15 minutes to get to an appointment, leave 30 minutes early. If you are posting a blog, write two and save one for a rainy day :-) If you can stay one step ahead, it really does make a huge difference in organization and stress level!

Step 3: Do the most important thing first. Boy, have I learned this one. I have got to prioritize.  It is so easy to do a great job of cleaning out the closet when I need to get dinner on the table, help the kids with homework and have a blog posted by the next day. If you are intentional about how you spend your time, you just might have more of it for what's most important. It’s like the old adage put the biggest rocks in the jar first and everything else fits. If you fill your jar with sand first, you won’t have time for what matters most.

How do you stay organized? Leave us a comment. We'd love to hear from you.