Listening to the Holy Spirit. And a Pile of Pooh.


So, this evening I felt like the Lord was placing it on my heart not to give the girls a bath. I know sounds goofy even as I write it. But, keep in mind I pray about EVERYTHING.  I also wake up each day asking God to lead me by his Holy Spirit and to give me the courage to obey. So, it’s not that out there. I just felt like there was some reason I shouldn’t give them a bath tonight. But did I listen? No. Came up with all kinds of mental reasons why they just “had” to have a bath tonight, started the water, and went on my merry way. And do you know that no sooner than I took off the first little diaper did one of my sweet darlings stroll into her baby tent (very cute looks like a pink castle) and pee ALL over the floor. Undaunted, and determined to be positive I thought, “Well, at least she didn’t pee in the bathtub.” I got a towel, cleaned it up and set forward in my mission of a bath. No sooner did I clean up the pee than I looked down to see that she had left me a little brown nugget on the floor. Again, I thought, “This isn’t so bad. At least it’s not in the tub.” I got a baby wipe, picked it up and went to the rest room to throw it away. Then I came back…the pooh had fallen. Three giant, wet, sloppy, piles of pooh. And, she had stepped in it. And, was walking around the room. And, coming to say hi to mommy. And, sister was in on the action too. Coming to help out. I thought, “Oh, (expletive)!” Then I thought, “That’s exactly what this is! I don’t listen to the Holy Spirit and I end up in a pile of (expletive)!” Let’s just say I’m a sinner saved by Grace and haven’t exactly reached perfection in my thought life. And, I’m stupid enough to be honest in my blog posts, so there you go. But seriously, if only I had just stinkin listened. It would be nice if it ended there. But, oh no, as soon as I finished bathing both girls, but, BEFORE I had a chance to take them out of the water, or drain the water, one of my sweet darlings stood up and peed in the bath. Bath number two. It took two hours to give the girls this bath I just knew they had to have and get them ready for bed. 

Now, I know some of you are thinking. Seriously, Jill, mere coincidence. Maybe so, but maybe not. I tend to think that God actually cares about the little things in our lives and tries to guide us in the path of least resistance even for the small piles of pooh. 

On January 15th I hosted my first baby shower in nearly 20 years. Fortunately, it wasn’t at my house so I didn’t have to clean :-) When I showed up at the home of the brave soul who did volunteer to clean, she had the prettiest leather couches. Now, I’d been shopping for a deal on a new couch for well over a year. Mainly because I’m cheap...and picky. Not a good combination. Our couch truly did need a little help, though. The stuffing was literally coming out of the back (think 14 year old boy and his 11 and 14 year old brothers :-) We had sewn it up…and it ripped again. (Personally, I think there was foul play involved but that’s neither here nor there.) When I saw her couches I was a bit jealous and I prayed, “Lord, would you send me some couches like that.” I love the look of leather but definitely not the price so I couldn't imagine doing something as absurd as going to the store to purchase any myself :-)

I prayed that short prayer on a Monday afternoon. The following Sunday morning I felt led to look on Craigslist in Midland. We don’t even live in Midland. But, I looked. And, low and behold, there they were. I got a genuine leather couch and chair, filled with down stuffing, and almost identical to hers for a total of $300. 

Still not convinced. I have one more story. Last Saturday I was eating at a restaurant in a nearby town. There was an older gentlemen sitting at the table next to ours and I felt in my heart that he didn't know the Lord. It wasn't anything that he said or did, just a leading by the Holy Spirit. I debated rather I should try to visit with him but when he checked out at exact same time we did I felt it had to be a confirmation. And, an opportunity. He started a conversation by asking me about the girls and telling me how fortunate I was as he and his wife had tried but been unable to conceive. I asked if there was anything I might pray for him about and he said, "A long life." (He was 89). I placed my hand on his shoulder and prayed over him. He made a comment to the extent of "whatever works." As I watched him walking away, I could almost feel the Holy Spirit yelling at me (in a nice way) to catch up to him and really talk to him about the Lord. So, I swallowed my pride and away I went. I mentioned his comment and how I felt that he wasn't a believer. Turns out I was right. I prayed that the Lord would give me a word for him - something that I couldn't possibly know on my own but that might prove a witness to him. It was then that I felt that his mother had died when he was young. Again, this wasn't because of anything he said but simply what the Holy Spirit was laying on my heart. When I asked him about this, he confirmed again that I was correct. She had died of cancer when he was just 16. I tried to explain to him that my knowing this was the Lord's way of reaching out to him. But instead, he dismissed it as merely a coincidence. 

If you’ve read many of my posts you know this is more the rule than the exception. I believe our one job is to stay smack, dab in the middle of God’s will for us. Then, to be still, listen, and He will do the rest. Too bad I forget this on occasion and end up in a pile of pooh :-)

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