Kyle Stallings from SOG

Hi my name is Kyle Stallings and I'm part of a ministry called S.O.G. The story of how I came to know Christ goes like this......I'm originally from Florida, I graduated high school in 2001 and went off to college. After my first semester I went into the US Army. I enlisted in Jan. 2002. I got out the army in June 04. Instead of going back to Florida I continued living in El Paso. I partied hard and stimulated every sense I could. One day in March of 05 a check arrived to my apartment. It had been sent to the wrong address. I went into that companies account and took $223,000.00. I bought everything I wanted in life..A Hummer, Cadillac Escalade, Jewelry, Clothes, hitting the bars and strip clubs. I would pull out $10,000.00 in cash and spend it all in one day and at the end of the night I would be miserable and I couldn't figure out why.

On April 12th 2005 there was knock on the door and it was the El Paso PD there to arrest me. They booked me and sent me to my cell. I had been in the county jail about 3 months and this guy comes over and says "I'm going to this church service some guys are supposed to jump me in there. Will a couple of yall go with me?" So myself and two other guys went with him to the service. This construction worker would come in on Wednesdays after he got off work and would share the Gospel. On that day he said, "If you had been the only person on this planet, Christ still would of came and died for you so you could spend eternity with Him."

That amazed me because I had no idea who Jesus Christ was! The guys never showed up to fight. I went back to my cell and grabbed a Bible and started reading about who Jesus Christ was and on October 6th 2005 I gave my life to Jesus.

I was sentenced to 5 years in prison. I asked the Father what He wanted me to do for The Kingdom and He said "Christian Rap." I thought He was crazy because I had never rapped before in my life and really didnt even like rap. I met a guy while incarcerated by the name of Jeremy Perry who also was doing Christian music and told me about starting a ministry in Lubbock, TX. I was totally against it. I didn't even know where or what Lubbock was. I prayed and prayed and the Lord led me to come to Lubbock. So in April of 2007 I moved to Lubbock and it's been such a blessing being here! It hasn't been an easy road but God has remained faithful to His word and His work!

You can learn more about our ministry at by the way....the reason I would go home at the end of the night and was miserable was because I was trying to fill a hole in my heart that only Jesus could fill! :)