Faith-filled Bloggers

Hello, dear readers!

     As I am writing my first post, I have no idea what to expect, but I am beyond excited. God has orchestrated every step of the birth of this ministry, and just taken us along for the ride. We hope to provide you with resources for every area of life, and will do our best to accomplish this! As I was doing some research (namely, browsing other bloggers and having way too much fun doing so) I found that the ratio of excellent blogs which are godly to the number of excellent blogs which are not based on faith is a tad uneven. I honestly had to do a lot of looking to find everyday blogs which I felt were excellent, and also faith-based. Yes, there are countless marriage, dating, and bible study blogs, and that is wonderful! However, I am referring to the kind of blog that makes you want to curl up with a cup of coffee (or tea, or hot cocoa, whichever warms your heart) and a soft blanket, and get lost. So through our conferences and stories and everyday bits of life's goodness, it is my sincere prayer that God will use what we share to encourage and uplift you, and help you to become relentless in your pursuit of victory in Christ!


Kimberly Mears

Relentless Creative Director